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During your stay at Yale New Haven Hospital, nurses and physicians will stop by every so often to see how you are feeling and monitor your progress

  • Physician Rounds: Usually once a day in the morning, a group of physicians, residents and other team members make "rounds" to see how you are doing. This is a good time to discuss your medical care, progress and steps toward discharge.
  • Hourly Rounds: At least every hour, a nurse or PCA will check to see how you're feeling, how your pain level is, if you need help changing position or using the bathroom and if you have any concerns about your care. 
  • Bedside Rounds: Several times throughout the day and night, nurses change shifts and talk to the next nurse at the bedside about you and your child. Safety checks at each shift change include checking identification bands, IVs, and updating the white boards.

Speak Up!

When your physicians and nurses stop by, it is important that you voice any concerns or ask questions you may have about your condition, how you feel or the care you are receiving. This helps us understand your needs so that we can better take care of you. Your physicians and nurses are there to listen and arrange the appropriate care and services for you, including:

Pain management

Spiritual and religious counseling and guidance

Emotional support and social work services

Complimentary and volunteer services