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ELERTS app update to feature new name, security features


Yale New Haven Hospital is upgrading the ELERTS See Say smartphone app, which offers additional security to employees while they are on hospital properties at any time of the day or night.

On July 1, the current ELERTS app (renamed “See Say Now”) is scheduled to send a push notification and email to current ELERTS subscribers instructing them to download the new See Say Now application (employees must have notifications enabled on their phones to receive the upgrade reminder). Employees who don’t have the app can download it for free (see photo and download details). 

Yale New Haven Hospital’s Protective Services department introduced ELERTS in 2015. The smartphone app provides a kind of personal panic device for employees, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, while they are on YNHH leased or owned properties. The app is an additional safety offering; YNHH will continue to provide Protective Services staff as escorts when requested. 

The See Say Now app immediately connects the user to Protective Services and 911 and is designed for instances when an employee feels their personal safety is threatened. When activated, the app uses the information the employee entered when registering for the app, along with the smartphone’s GPS, to relay the employee’s location to Protective Services in real time. 

For employees who don’t have the app, log into Infor and select “ELERTS” under the “quick links” tab. You will be redirected to Employee Self Service, where you can click the Security tab, then “ELERTS See Say Now” and register by entering an email address when prompted. HRWeb will send the user an email with a link to confirm their email address and proceed with downloading the app from the app store. 

See Say Now features include a red “Call Police” button and a blue “Report a Problem” button, which provide immediate access to YNHH Protective Services dispatch and local police, regardless of your location.

  • To report a concern to Protective Services use the “Report a Problem” button. You can add up to five photos or videos, select a report type (suspicious package, person, vehicle or activity), and report the location. 
  • The “Call Police” button will call 911 and notify YNHH Protective Services dispatch. The dispatch notification includes the employee’s name, email, phone number and GPS location.
  • The “Panic” button on the bottom bar of the home screen will send a notification to YNHH Protective Services dispatch with the user’s name, email, phone number and GPS location. The Panic button also provides the option of calling 911. If there is no response, the dispatcher will call 911 and send YNHH Protective Services officers (if you are on or in the vicinity of the York Street or Saint Raphael campuses), or call the local police department if you are in other YNHH areas.

For more information and detailed instructions on downloading and using the program, visit ELERTS on the Infor home page (under Quick Links).