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YNHH has added extra shuttles, which will carry half the usual number of riders, to promote social distancing.

COVID-19 is keeping us apart – and that’s a good thing

“Social distancing” has become the buzz term during the COVID-19 pandemic, and with good reason.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is believed to spread between people in close contact and through respiratory droplets from a cough or sneeze. Because people may spread the virus before showing symptoms, experts recommend social distancing: limiting the number of people who gather in an area and ensuring they’re at least six feet from one another.

Yale New Haven Health is promoting social distancing in a number of ways, including:

  • Adding shuttles at Yale New Haven Hospital and allowing half as many people on board so riders can maintain a safe distance from one another. Employees might have to wait a little longer for a shuttle and should plan accordingly.
  • Removing some furniture in the YNHH York Street Campus Atrium so people are less tempted to sit close together.
  • Asking employees to use 200% accountability when they see people too close together. Gently remind them about the importance of social distancing.

People should also practice social distancing outside of work, even if they feel healthy and they’re with close friends, said Steven Choi, MD, vice president and chief quality officer, YNHHS and Yale School of Medicine.

“The best practice is to isolate as much as possible because you don’t know where that friend has traveled to or to whom they have been exposed,” he said.

To learn more about social distancing and other COVID-19 topics, visit the COVID-19 section of YNHHS’ website. For COVID-19 information for employees, visit the employee intranet (in network only).