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Miladis Rivera; Brian Karsif, MD

Great Catch winners help YNHH become a high reliability organization

Congratulations to these Great Catch winners for modeling HRO safety behaviors and taking action to improve patient safety.


Miladis Rivera, patient care associate, Mother/ Baby Postpartum (WP 11), was recognized for attention to detail and use of STAR (Stop, Think, Act and Review). During night shift rounds, Rivera entered a room and noticed the newborn was not in the crib. She checked to see if the infant was nursing with the mother and discovered the newborn wedged between the sleeping mother and the bedside rail. She immediately moved the baby to safety in the crib and escalated her concern to the nurse so the infant could be assessed. Rivera’s quick thinking and use of CHAMP behaviors prevented a potential tragedy for the patient and family.


Brian Karsif, MD, was recognized for attention to detail and 200% accountability while reviewing a patient’s record. Dr. Karsif noticed the patient was receiving a large number of Xanax from a prescribing physician who was not local. He escalated his concerns to the prescriber, who said the patient was not his. Further investigation revealed that the provider’s information was being fraudulently used by multiple other patients to get similar prescriptions. Thanks to Dr. Karsif’s questioning attitude, the case is now in the hands of the appropriate authorities.