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Center for Living Organ Donors

Become a Living Organ Donor

The Center for Living Organ Donors is a program that arranges for kidney and liver transplants from living donors. Our program provides a wide spectrum of care throughout the donation process and afterwards with lifetime medical and social monitoring related to donation.

Through our center, potential organ donors are evaluated for eligibility. The evaluation process includes counseling and a thorough medical evaluation at a clinic for donors. Our donor-centered approach includes a Donor Advocacy Panel of healthcare professionals that determines if one is eligible to donate. Throughout the review process, a donor advocate supports the potential donor.

It has now become evident that those who receive a liver transplant from a living donor have better outcomes. Liver donors undergo surgery to donate a portion of their liver to someone in need; the remaining lobe of the donor’s liver regenerates fully.

One misconception in living kidney donation is the need to be a match. Our kidney exchange program develops matches between incompatible pairs to facilitate living donor transplants. The program also provides opportunities for someone who is a match with his or her recipient to help other patients through an exchange. In these ways, our center is a model to fostering living donation.

A donor’s long-term health and welfare are a priority for us at the Center for Living Organ Donors. Our kidney and liver transplant program is the first in the United States to offer donors long-term medical and social monitoring related to their kidney or liver donation at no cost. Our local outreach efforts include events with prior donors that focus on preventive health and increasing awareness of living donation.

Living Kidney Donation FAQ
Living Liver Donation FAQ
Toolkit: Seeking a Living Organ Donor 

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To reach Yale New Haven Transplantation Center, please call toll-free 866-YALE-TXP (866-925-3897) or submit your question to our medical staff.

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