Patient Stories of Organ Transplants

Each of our patients has a unique story and a different point of view. We present just a few here, as a way for our patients and their family members to describe how they felt about their transplantation journey and the care they received at Yale New Haven Transplantation Center.

Tricia Conduah

Alison and Angeline: A Transplant Journey

In October 2017, Alison Cain and Angelinne Linares received the gift of life through Yale New Haven Hospital's Center for Living Organ Donors. 

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altruistic donor

Altruistic Donor Causes Chain Reaction

Living-donor transplantations are real-life examples of how every healthy person can save someone else’s life. Patricia Menno-Coveney of Mystic is proof. When her plans to donate a kidney to a friend fell through when he became ineligible as a recipient she stayed on the donor list and, using a computer program...

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Peter's Story

Jennifer Humphrey, a Southington resident, was 27 and had an 18-month-old son, when she donated one of her kidneys to her father, Peter Lanza, a type 1 diabetic who had stopped traveling, avoided swimming pools because of risk of infection, and was spending eight hours each night on peritoneal dialysis. "Truly, I never gave a second thought to being the donor. I love my father," Humphrey said.

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Tricia Conduah

Tricia's Story

Tricia Conduah went to the doctor for what she thought was just a Urinary Tract Infection. But it turned out there was something more to it.

Tricia's creatinine levels were high. A biopsy revealed that she was suffering from glomerulonephritis - a renal disease that prevents part of the kidney from properly filtering impurities.

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Julian's Story

In 1994, Julian Sproule was enjoying a very successful career. A native of the U.K., Julian was working in the London office of Michael Bloomberg, future mayor of New York and founder of one of the world's most influential news organizations. Then things took a turn for the worse.

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Cole's Story

Cole Chaivanik was only a couple of months old when he started showing symptoms of a rare childhood liver disease called Bilary Atresia. To confirm this diagnosis would require a liver biopsy. Knowing it was a rare disease, Cole's family went ahead with the biopsy. Then complications arose.

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Lia's Story

A few weeks before Easter 2008, Lia Cirelli, a smart, happy 11-year-old from Redding, Connecticut, who rarely got tired, sick or bored, began complaining about stomach aches. One Tuesday afternoon, Laura Cirelli watched her daughter step off the school bus clutching her stomach, pushing against her upper rib cage. The next day Lia's skin turned yellow, almost orange.

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Ryan's Story

Ryan Agnew was a normal 10 year-old... happy, healthy and very athletic. Then one day, his mom Connie received a call from the school informing her that Ryan was suffering from severe stomach pains.

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center for living organ donor rob and donor ryan

A Patient's Story

Facing liver cancer, Rob knew his best chance for survival was a liver transplant from a living donor.

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stephen salvador and liz-ann

Stephen's Story

Within days of learning his infant son had liver failure, Stephen, a determined father, launched an extensive search for a living organ donor that extended to his family and communities of friends, church choir and clubs...

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Transplantation - Father Georgia's Story

Father Georgia's Story

After a months-long battle with liver and kidney disease, Father John Georgia, the pastor of the Church of Resurrection in Wallingford, was restored to health after a liver and kidney transplant at Yale New Haven Hospital. He and his doctors relate his experience.

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