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Point of Care Genetic Testing

If you have been directed to this webpage, your healthcare provider feels it would be appropriate for you to consider genetic testing to determine if you have an inherited risk to develop cancer. This recommendation may be based on a personal and/or family history of cancer or other factors. The results of the genetic testing may provide useful information for you, your family members, and the providers involved in your care.

Please view the video below to learn more about the option of genetic testing prior to your appointment with your provider. If you have any questions about genetic testing after viewing the video, please discuss them with your provider during your new patient appointment.

Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing

Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing

Amy Killie, MS, CGC, explains the process of genetic testing for hereditary cancer risks.

Watch the Video

Hereditary Cancer and Genetic Testing

If you would like to read more about hereditary cancer and genetic testing, we have included some additional information to read below.

If you have specific questions about genetic testing or if you would rather meet with a genetic counselor prior to pursuing genetic testing, please discuss this with your physician at your new patient appointment and a referral can be arranged. Genetic counselors are medical providers with specialized training in genetics to help people determine if genetic testing is right for them and provide people with more information about genetic testing related to hereditary cancer.

Many people have questions about insurance coverage of genetic testing and what their expected out-of-pocket cost for genetic testing may be, if any. The coverage of genetic testing depends upon whether an individual meets his or her insurance carrier’s criteria for genetic testing, and the criteria vary for each insurance company. While an individual may meet their insurance criteria for genetic testing, there still may be out-of-pocket costs associated with genetic testing. This is based on the specific insurance plan and the patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility for medical services outlined in the plan, including co-pays and deductibles.