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Art Therapy

The Art Therapy Program within the Smilow Cancer Hospital Palliative Care Program was started in an effort to bring art therapy to cancer patients and their families. Art therapy can provide enhanced quality of life and helps patients and their families cope with a serious illness. It is a counseling profession that utilizes the process of art making to assist with personal growth and self-reflection. The process of creative expression is utilized to support emotional and physical well-being.

Who can Benefit?

This service is offered at no charge to patients. Individual sessions can be scheduled, or there may be an art therapy group that meets your needs. Family members, children, and caregivers can also be included as part of the process.

How is it Accessed?

Art therapy can be accessed inpatient or outpatient; individually or by joining a group; in person or via ZOOM. For individual art therapy, an appointment will be made in advance and the patient and the art therapist will determine a schedule that is convenient.

Group work has its own benefits and patients find it helpful to interact with other people who can understand the unique challenges that dealing with illness may elicit. Guided by the art therapist, group members create art together in a warm and supportive environment and set the tone and intention for the sessions.

Services Offered

  • Individual or Group Sessions are offered for inpatient or outpatient
  • A variety of art media including drawing materials, paints, clay, collage and much more
  • Access to an art therapist who has been specifically trained in this mode of working with people. Art therapists hold master’s degrees in art therapy.

Contact Us

For more information, or to discuss whether art therapy may be right for you, contact Elizabeth Ferguson, ATR, LPC 203-200-2725