Toxicology & Poisoning

Medical Toxicology at Yale-New Haven Children's provides emergency and elective consultations for children and adolescents with both acute and chronic poisonings. The Center for Children's Environmental Toxicology houses the Hospital's Lead Poisoning Regional Treatment program, which provides outpatient diagnostic evaluation, ambulatory treatment and hospitalization when necessary.

Lead Poisoning and Regional Treatment Center

The Lead Poisoning and Regional Treatment Center is a medical treatment and social service program that provides comprehensive care to lead poisoned children and their families. One of two regional treatment centers in Connecticut, our integrated approach is carried out through educational efforts and initiatives at the local, regional and state levels.


The Lead Clinic team offers the following services:

  • Case management, including inpatient and outpatient treatment provided by nurse practitioners and pediatricians
  • Lead screening and follow-up of identified children, including outreach and home visits
  • Social work intervention to help families find safe affordable housing and to assist with other psychosocial needs
  • Psychology services to assess the developmental and psychological functioning of the children

The Lead Clinic meets weekly at the Pediatric Specialty Clinic of Yale-News Haven Children's Hospital. Patients may be seen for consultation or enroll for ongoing care and management.

The Lead Resource Center

The Lead Resource Center is the Lead Program's administrative center. Meeting space is available for children's advocacy groups. After-school programs, including a chess club, an art club, a homework tutoring group and a book loan and distribution program meet during the week for children in the neighborhood.

Educational resources are available through the Resource Center. Individual speakers, as well as teams of professionals, are available to provide presentations to groups interested in childhood lead poisoning. Telephone consultations regarding questions about lead poisoning are also provided upon request.

For more information

The Yale-New Haven Lead Program and Regional Resource Center is committed to enhancing community education about lead poisoning and promoting prevention activities and has several publications available upon request, including: At Risk for Lead Poisoning? Find Out What You Need to Know to Keep Your Child Unleaded Keep the Promise: Learn About Lead (Spanish or English educational videos are available for a nominal donation).