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Laboratory Medicine Internship

What is Laboratory Medicine?

Laboratory medicine is a specialized field in healthcare that analyzes patient blood samples to help physicians and nurses diagnose, monitor and treat their patients.

The field of laboratory medicine has substantial impact to everyday patient care. According to the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP), 70% of medical decisions are based on laboratory results.

Individuals who work in the laboratories are known as medical laboratory scientists, or medical technologists (“med techs” for short).


  1. Graduate from an accredited institution that offers the medical laboratory scientist degree.
  2. Complete clinical rotations at a hospital site.
  3. It is highly recommended that individuals take a licensing exam proctored by ASCP.

If you already possess a Bachelor of Science degree, you still may be eligible for internship and work opportunities as a medical technologist. Please contact one of the affiliated schools below to get more information.

About the Internship

Yale New Haven Health partners with local universities to offer clinical internship opportunities to students enrolled in affiliated programs. 

The clinical internship is integrated into the program’s curriculum, and usually takes place during the last few semesters. Interns are encouraged to apply to open positions once they finish their degree and internship.

The schools listed below are currently affiliated with Yale New Haven Health.

Internship Length and Overview

As part of your internship at Yale New Haven Health, you will spend a few weeks in all major areas of the laboratory. These include microbiology, clinical chemistry, blood bank and hematology. 
You will:

  • Learn to analyze and interpret patient samples correctly.
  • Isolate and identify microorganisms.
  • Determine patient blood type and match lifesaving blood.
  • Analyze patient blood smears looking for signs of disease or malignancy.
  • Maintain and work with cutting-edge instrumentation.
  • Actively apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom.
  • Join physician-lead conferences showcasing interesting patient cases.

The internship lasts 14 - 18 weeks depending on the affiliated program. Students looking to focus on just one area of the lab can expect a shorter internship lasting 4 - 7 weeks. In either case, students can expect to be on site 4 - 5 days a week from 8 am - 4 pm.

Getting Started 

Whether you are finishing high school, enrolled at a college, or already possess a Bachelor of Science degree, reach out to the affiliated schools or the Educational Coordinator of Laboratory Medicine for more information at 203-688-5966.

Current, Yale New Haven Health employees interested in the field can also reach out for further guidance.

If you already qualify for a job in laboratory medicine, visit the Yale New Haven Health job portal.