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Safe, Secure, Quiet Environment

Making sure your experience at Yale New Haven Hospital is as safe, comfortable and pleasant as possible is important to us. We've put many policies in place to help keep your surroundings quiet, secure and smoke-free.

Buildings at YNHH

Although many buildings make up the YNHH campus, 

York Street Campus

The four main inpatient buildings are accessible via the entrance and central Atrium located at 20 York Street:

  • East Pavilion (EP) - to the right of the Atrium
  • South Pavilion (SP) - to the left of the Atrium
  • West Pavilion (WP) or Yale New Haven Children's Hospital (YNHCH) - at the left rear of the Atrium
  • North Pavilion (NP) or Smilow Cancer Hospital - at the north side of the Atrium
  • Each patient care unit is referred to with a building name, a floor number and often a wing number. (For example: WP-10 or EP 6-5)
  • Other buildings where inpatient and outpatient services may be provided include the New Haven Pavilion, Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital and Yale Physicians Building.

Saint Raphael Campus

Although the YNHH Saint Raphael Campus includes many buildings, the main inpatient buildings are attached to the 1450 Chapel Street entrance:
  • Ambulatory/Surgical Building is to the far left of the main entrance.
  • Celentano Building/Private Building are to the far right of the main entrance.
  • Sister Louise Anthony Building is to the immediate right of the main entrance, before the Celentano Building.
  • Main Building is at the right of the campus, accessible from the 1450 Chapel Street entrance.
  • Orchard Medical Center is to the immediate left of the main entrance.
  • Verdi Memorial Building is to the left of the main entrance.

Get a complete list and directions to all YNHH locations

Protective Services

YNHH Protective Services staff, available 24/7, maintain a safe, secure environment for patients, visitors and staff and help keep buildings, garages, parking lots and hospital property secure. Feel free to ask for help from any YNHH Protective Services officer.

Many YNHH patient care units limit access so people cannot enter the unit until they are buzzed in. Elevators are closed to the public after 9 pm, so visitors who stay after 9 pm must ask staff for an elevator access code. Visitors and staff must display appropriate identification to enter the unit.

Fire Safety

We have taken many precautions to ensure our patients', visitors' and employee's safety in the event of fire. We have detailed emergency contingency and evacuation plans to deal with fire. We also conduct fire drills regularly and train staff at all levels on the actions to take in case of a fire.

Tell staff if there is a medical or safety emergency, and use a hospital phone to dial 1-5-5, Yale New Haven Hospital’s emergency telephone number. If you are using a cell phone, dial 9-1-1.

In case of a fire, the overhead page system will alert staff, patients and families by saying “Code Red,” and the name of the building and floor. Fire exits are clearly marked. Elevators should not be used. If you see smoke or fire, alert a staff member or dial 155 from a hospital phone

Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are not permitted in the hospital because many patients and staff are allergic to them. Mylar balloons are allowed.

Mobile Phone and Public Telephone Use

  • Cell phones: Cell phones may be used in many areas of the hospital, but please look for posted signs in areas where they are not allowed (they can interfere with medical equipment). To help maintain a quiet, healing environment, please keep all cell phones on quiet and vibrate."
  • Other phones: Public phones are available for use throughout the hospital, as well as TTY/TTD phone to the hearing-impaired or deaf. A staff member can help you find the closest one.

Parking Safety and Escorts

YNHH encourages patients and visitors to use valet parking or park in designated garages. All of our major parking facilities are protected by security of Yale New Haven Hospital or The New Haven Parking Authority.

The hospital does not cover the cost of parking for patients and family members; please remember to review the pricing and time increments for each facility and budget accordingly. 

Parking escorts are available all day, every day to accompany you to any hospital parking garage or lot. Call Protective Services at 203-688-2500 on the York Street Campus. If you would like a security escort to your car, go to one of the information desks and request one or call 203-688-2500 (York Street Campus) or 203-789-3800. (Saint Raphael Campus).

Quiet Policy

We are working to make the hospital a quieter place so patients can experience a more comforting, healing environment. 

  • If staff, visitors or other patients are being too noisy, speak to a staff member of your care team.
  • We encourage staff, patient and visitors to speak in low conversational levels. 
  • Set beepers and cell phones on mute or vibrate mode and refrain from loud phone conversations. 
  • Keep television volume low and consider using TV earphones, especially in the evening. 
  • Ask a nurse about free eye coverings, ear plugs and headphones.

Tobacco-Free Policy

Yale New Haven Hospital is a tobacco-free hospital. Smoking or other tobacco use is not allowed in hospital buildings, property, sidewalks or garages.

If you use tobacco products and would like medical assistance to stop, please speak with a physician or nurse.