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Dr. Chiang

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Services

At Smilow Cancer Hospital, patients have access to the most advanced radiation treatments in the region.  Our radiation therapy staff support our nationally-recognized oncology specialists to provide the best and safest care for our patients and to develop better cancer treatments for the future.

The highly-skilled Radiation Oncology Services team cares for adults and children of all ages with expertise and compassion.  We understand that every patient and every cancer is unique, and we carefully customize a treatment plan for each patient to optimize benefits while minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissue.

Smilow Radiation Oncology is a nationally recognized leader in the delivery and development of advanced radiation therapies to treat both common and rare cancers. In affiliation with Yale School of Medicine's Department of Therapeutic Radiology and the National Cancer Institute-designated Yale Cancer Center, Smilow Radiation Oncology is the only NCI-designated cancer program in the region, offering evidence-based medicine and access to the largest range of services and technology.

Smilow Cancer Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the world to offer multiple radiosurgery advanced technology options providing flexibility and expertise for patient treatment. Learn more about the advances Smilow Cancer Hospital has achieved in its first five years. 

Radiation Oncology Treatment Team

Smilow’s radiation oncologists — who are also on the faculty at Yale School of Medicine — work closely to collaborate with a comprehensive team of medical oncologists, surgeons, nurses, radiation therapists, medical physicists and dosimetrists. An attending physician is present at all times, and staff members are always available to explain the treatments and answer patients’ questions.

Clinical Trials

Smilow Cancer Hospital offers patients access to the latest radiation therapy treatment options as well as clinical trials conducted by the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation. A clinical trial is a study conducted with cancer patients, usually to evaluate a new treatment. Each study is designed to answer scientific questions and to find new and better ways to help cancer patients. Yale Cancer Center has numerous clinical trials available for patients who are seeking the most advanced treatments available.

Learn more about clinical trials through Yale Cancer Center.

Learn more about the Yale Center for Clinical Investigations (YCCI)

Radiation Oncology Services Locations

Smilow Cancer Hospital and its Care Centers treat more cancer patients than any other hospital in Connecticut. Radiation oncology services are available at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven and several locations across the region.

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