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Pharmacy Technician Training Program

The mission of the Pharmacy Technician Training Program is to train qualified applicants to become pharmacy technicians, proficient in all areas of health system pharmacy services as an integral part of the YNHH healthcare team.

  • Courses provide an introduction to pharmacy concepts and the profession.
  • Simulated labs provide the opportunity to get hands-on experience with technology and develop the skills needed to be a successful technician.
  • Experiential courses provide real-world training under the guidance of experienced technicians and pharmacists and allow students to apply both conceptual and simulated skills to a real world environment.

What is a pharmacy technician?

A pharmacy technician works under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist, assisting in pharmacy activities that do not require the professional judgment of a pharmacist. Pharmacy technicians are the foundation of a pharmacy’s distributive and clinical functions.

Pharmacy technicians work in many different settings, including retail locations (such as neighborhood pharmacies or grocery stores); hospitals, clinics and outpatient centers; assisted living facilities; nursing homes; tele-pharmacies; and nuclear pharmacies. The YNHH training program focuses primarily on practice within a hospital setting.


Technician skills and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Replenishment of automated technology
  • Management of emergency medications
  • Repackaging medications from bulk
  • Preparing sterile and non-sterile compounds in accordance with USP standards
  • Adhering to medication safety and regulatory standards
  • Assist with medication reconciliation
  • Assist with the management of medication inventory
  • Training of newly hired technicians
  • Triage nursing medication availability

Program Overview: What will I be learning?


  • Role of the Pharmacy Technician
  • Drug Information Resources
  • Laws Affecting Prescription Dispensing
  • Drug Regulation and Control
  • Controlled Substances
  • Restricted Drug Programs
  • State Laws and Regulations
  • Pharmaceutical Terminology
  • Medication Safety
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Communication
  • Sterile Compounding
  • Non-Sterile Compounding
  • Pharmacy Calculations
  • Prescription Drop-Off and Entry/Preparation
  • Billing and Third-Party Processing
  • Inventory Control and Management
  • Specialty Medications
  • Pharmacology
  • Institutional Pharmacy


  • Dispensing/Filling Lab
  • Non-Sterile Compounding
  • Sterile Compounding
  • Technology/Automation (Pyxis®, carousel, Kitcheck®, packager, DoseEdge®)


  • Pharmacy Technician Externship - Ambulatory/Specialty
  • Pharmacy Technician Externship - Electives/MRT/Automation technology
  • Pharmacy Technician Externship – Inpatient Operations
  • Specialty Pharmacy Tract 

Program Length and Duration

The program includes 656 hours of teaching, simulation and experiential learning which take place over a 23-week period:

  • 10 weeks self-paced online learning (30 hours a week dedication to achievement) 
  • 4 weeks onsite PTCB prep/simulation labs (8 am -2:30 pm, Monday - Friday)
  • 9 Weeks onsite experiential rotations (start times vary, 8.5 hour days Monday - Friday

The program has rolling admission with new classes starting monthly. For start dates, see below in "Find Out More." 

Admission Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Adequate performance on a mathematics minimum competency exam
  • Immunization records as required by Yale New Haven Health System

What you need to apply:

  • Completed program application
  • High school or other degree-program transcripts
  • Resume
  • Three letters of recommendation:
    • One character reference
    • Two academic or work references
  • One-page letter of intent with professional goals and your reasons for pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician.
  • Interview
    • You will be invited for an interview based upon an evaluation of your application.

The Pharmacy Technician Training Program now offers rolling admission. Contact Sharee Parker, Program Director, for information regarding dates or see calendar below.

Yale New Haven Hospital
Department of Pharmacy Services
55 Park Street
New Haven, CT 06519
[email protected]

Technician Training Program application pdf


Decisions for acceptance are based on your application and interview performance.

Workforce Alliance may be able to provide funding and resources to help students attend the Pharmacy Technician Training Program.

Learn more.

Find Out More

Department of Pharmacy Services Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Pharmacy Services is to provide patient-centered, high-quality, pharmaceutical care that assures positive outcomes. We will promote best practices that drive safe, efficacious, timely, and cost-effective drug therapy through all transitions of care. Through employee engagement, we will foster collaboration, innovative practices, and career growth opportunities.

Mission and Philosophy

The mission of the Yale New Haven Hospital Pharmacy Technician Training Program is to train qualified individuals to become pharmacy technicians who are proficient in all areas of health system pharmacy services.

Graduation and PTCB Certification

Students who successfully complete the didactic, simulation, and experiential curriculum, and pass the PTCB exam, will be granted a certificate of completion from the program. 

The current overall PCTB pass rate for YNHH Pharmacy Technician Training Program is 77%.* 

*Pass rates are updated every 60 days.  

Program Start Dates


Self-Paced Online Start Onsite Simlab Start Rotation Start Program End Date
1/9/2023  3/20/23 4/17/2023
*Off: Mon. 5/29 – Memorial Day
4/3/2023 6/12/2023
*Off Tuesday 7/4/2023 - Independence Day
*Off: Mon. 9/4 – Labor Day
5/29/2023 8/7/2023 9/5/2023
*Off: Mon. 9/4/2023 - Labor Day
7/24/2023 10/2/2023  10/30/2023
*Off: Thurs. 11/23 - Thanksgiving
Mon. 12/25 – Christmas Day
9/18/2023  11/27/2023  12/26/2023
*Off: Mon. 12/25 - Christmas Day
Mon. 1/1 – New Year’s Day
Mon. 1/15 – MLK Day 
11/13/2023  1/22/2024  2/19/2024  4/19/2024 

Tuition and Expenses

Tuition: $3,350, payable one week prior to the start of the program. Tuition for the program includes the cost of the PTCB exam.

The Pharmacy Technician Training Program offers multiple funding options that require no out-of-pocket costs for tuition.

Students should expect to incur expenses including, but not limited to, textbooks, uniforms, parking, etc. Housing is not available. 

The YNHH Pharmacy Technician Training Program is eligible for tuition reimbursement for current YNHH employees through the Employee Benefits office. We additionally offer a free waiver to applicants who do not qualify for employee benefits or tuition assistance offered through partnerships. Additional information is available upon request.

Applicants are required to provide proof of health insurance upon admission.


Virtual Open Houses

Want to learn more? Attend one of our virtual open houses on the third Monday of every month: