Yale New Haven offers its residents and fellows a comprehensive benefits package. The following is a summary of the various house staff benefits offered at Yale New Haven Hospital.

PG1: $63,988

PG2: $65,883

PG3: $69,177

PG4: $72,636

PG5: $76,963

PG6: $80,812

PG7: $84,852

PG8: $89,095

House Staff differential: $5,500

2-4 weeks, at the discretion of the department and its needs
Professional leaves are determined at the discretion of the department on an individual basis due to need.
It is the policy of Yale New Haven Hospital to grant a leave of absence to employees who are absent from work due to physical or mental disability, parental needs for newborn or child adoption, or the serious illness of a family member. The hospital is interested in ensuring that parental and family leaves of absence are granted in order to allow an employee personal time to meet family and parental needs. Under this policy, a family/medical leave of absence (FMLA) may be granted for a period up to 16 weeks during a 24-month period for all eligible house staff. Under some circumstances, additional time may be available if more than 12 months have elapsed since the beginning of the last FMLA. The leave may be paid, unpaid, or a combination, and is reserved for purposes of either child adoption, care of a newborn infant, the serious illness of a child, spouse, or parent, parent-in-law, or medical leave of absence for an employee who is absent from work due to a physical or mental illness or disability. It is the intention of the hospital to comply with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, as well as applicable federal or state statutes.
The hospital has a disability insurance program that provides individual coverage to a resident/fellow while employed at Yale New Haven Hospital. This insurance provides salary continuation up to age 65 for eligible house staff once extended sick leave benefits cease. The residents/fellows (policy owners) may continue this policy after leaving Yale New Haven Hospital. The plan provides total disability, partial disability, future purchase option, indexing, portability, and billing discounts.

Yale New Haven Hospital provides its residents and fellows with professional liability insurance coverage for professional activities performed within the scope of hospital-assigned duties. The insurance coverage is provided by Yale New Haven Hospital while the resident/fellow is functioning within the medical center; however, insurance may be provided by an affiliate hospital if the resident/fellow is on rotation at that hospital. Insurance coverage generally is not provided for personal activities, like moonlighting.

Insurance coverage is provided for the duration of graduate medical training, but may exclude periods during which the resident is assigned exclusively to non-clinical duties, like bench research. The insurance pays for the costs of legal defense, settlements and awards, and will protect the resident against awards from claims reported or filed after the completion of the residency as long as the case involves acts or omissions undertaken within the scope of the residency program.

Yale New Haven Hospital offers free, prompt, professional problem assessment, grief counseling and/or referral to other resources for ongoing help for employees and their immediate family. These services are provided through the YNHHS Employee and Family Resources Program (PDF).

Yale University also offers its employees a range of counseling and support services.

Secure on-site parking in the Air Rights Garage is provided to house staff at a subsidized rate through payroll deductions.
  • Yale New Haven Federal Credit Union Savings, IRAs, Checking and other services
  • Bank of America – Free checking with Direct Deposit, Automatic Teller Machines and Preferred Credit, in addition to all other banking needs
  • Direct deposit into participating banks
  • U.S. Savings Bonds
  • Personal Lines of Insurance (auto, homeowners)
  • Voluntary Life Insurance (self, spouse, children)
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Additional financial benefits include:

Matching Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) Plan
A matching Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) 403(b) Plan is available to you. Employees have the opportunity to set aside their own money on a before tax basis in the TSA for retirement. This has the advantage of a YNHH match of 1%-3% before taxes. You become 25% vested in YNHH match after 2 years of service – 3 years/50%, 4 years/75%. New employees automatically are enrolled for 1% contribution after 60 days of employment.

Adoption Assistance
Reimbursable expenses include legal, court and agency fees plus foreign adoption charges; expenses reimbursed up to $8,000 maximum benefit per child.

Personal Insurance Options
House staff may have the opportunity to purchase homeowner, automobile, boat, condominium and/or personal liability insurance at a discount through payroll deductions. This program is an individual policy and subject to the guidelines of the insurance carrier.

Healthcare benefits are provided to house staff and dependents at no cost to the resident/fellow.

Learn more about Healthcare Benefits

Yale New Haven Hospital does not provide housing or subsidy for housing.

Moving Expenses
Yale New Haven Hospital does not provide moving expenses or subsidy for moving.

Additionally, house staff is provided:

  • On call rooms for every service
  • White lab coats (laundry services not provided)
  • A lounge for house staff with TV, VCR, 24-hour brewed coffee, food provided every night, refrigerator

Yale New Haven Hospital requires mandatory drug testing for new employees. Failure to submit to such testing will disqualify a person from employment.

For additional information about employee benefits, contact the Benefits Office at 203-688-2401.

Equal Employment Opportunity, Male/Female/Disabled/Veteran