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Other Support Services

In addition to the support services available only at Smilow Cancer Hospital, patients can avail themselves of other programs offered by Yale New Haven Hospital during their stay.

Find out more below.

Animal Companion Program

The calming effect of pets can be a welcome distraction from your medical care. Trained volunteers can bring a canine friend by your room for a visit. These loveable, huggable dogs are screened and evaluated to ensure they are safe to be around patients, visitors and staff. Many are certified by the Delta Society Pet Partners®, which trains dogs to behave appropriately in hospital settings.

Book and Activity Cart

Our book and activity cart volunteers make the rounds regularly to loan reading materials, games and other free amusements to patients.

For More Information

Additional volunteer services may be available during your stay or for patients at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven, Yale New Haven Children's Hospital or Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital

Contact our Volunteer Services department for details or information on how you can get involved and give back too.