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Supportive Care Access Program

At Smilow Cancer Hospital, we recognize that no two cancer journeys are alike. A robust, multi-disciplinary team is available to each patient to assure support systems are in place to assist them in navigating their cancer treatment. A range of Supportive Care programs are available for oncology patients to utilize before, during, and after active treatment that go far beyond physical healing. Supportive Care Patient Referral Coordinators are here to help you and your family members through the difficult reality of a cancer diagnosis. Taking into account the individualized preferences of patients and family members, the Supportive Care Coordinators are available to assist with referring you and family members to the programs outlined below:


In collaboration with our Palliative Care Service, the Bereavement Service at Yale New Haven Hospital provides care and support to families and friends following the loss of a loved one.

Cingari Boutique

The Cingari Family Boutique at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven offers services and support to meet the special needs of people with cancer. The boutique offers products to help cancer patients with the side effects of healing.

Community Outreach

We offer a variety of services and programs through our community support services including financial assistance programs, social work programs, school-based health centers, prescription assistance and more.

Genetics and Screening

The Smilow Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program is composed of an interdisciplinary team that includes geneticists, genetic counselors, physicians and nurses, who work together with the goal of providing cancer risk assessment and taking steps to prevent the development of cancer.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic, lifestyle approaches, and healthcare disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.


Neuropsychology is a specialty clinical service that provides in-depth evaluations of cognitive functioning (thinking abilities). This includes memory, attention, and problem solving, as well as psychological functioning (depression, anxiety).

Nutrition Services

Side effects from cancer and its treatment can affect how you eat. Decreased food intake can be serious. It can lead to weight loss, malnutrition, loss of muscle strength and increase risk of infection. Weight loss can also interfere with your treatments. After treatment is completed, you may be interested in learning how to improve eating habits to achieve your best possible health. 

A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is your best guide to factual, reliable nutrition advice. The dietitians at Smilow Cancer Hospital can help you make healthy food choices during and after cancer treatment. They can also help with the side effects of treatment. Good nutrition is especially important while you receive outpatient care, such as chemotherapy or radiation. 
If you are receiving care at any Smilow location, you can request a complimentary nutrition consultation by contacting [email protected] or 203-688-0705.


Palliative Care

The Palliative Care Service at Yale New Haven Hospital and Smilow Cancer Hospital is dedicated to the care and comfort of seriously ill patients and their families. Palliative care focuses on symptom and pain management and quality of life issues for adult patients with complex, chronic or terminal illnesses at any stage of the illness.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

The Department of Rehabilitation Services provides outpatient Physical Therapy Services on the first floor of Smilow Cancer Hospital in room NP1-402. We develop and implement individualized treatment programs considering each person’s unique needs. We offer private treatment rooms in a quiet and comfortable environment. Our therapists are all state licensed and certified in lymphedema management and complete decongestive therapy.

This comprehensive program includes:

  • Lymphedema/decongestive physical therapy
  • Pre-operative assessments
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Perometer computerized measurement of limb volume
  • Patient Education: Including skin care, limb protection and self-care.
  • Exercise: Progressive exercise based on your individual circumstances.

Low-level laser is available for use in certain patients with post-mastectomy lymphedema. We also offer individualized programs for patients with muscle and joint problems after mastectomy, to help them regain motion, strength and function, and to help patients return to the activities they enjoy.

Our hours are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:00-4:30. Please call 203 200-6811 to schedule an appointment. A referral from your care provider is needed.


The Psycho-Oncology Program at Smilow Cancer Hospital is available to help patients experiencing depression, anxiety, insomnia, and decreased energy levels while undergoing cancer treatment. This program includes specialists in evidence-based psychotherapy and medication management. Our providers focus on teaching solution-focused interventions, such as problem-solving and coping strategies, to be used in daily routines to help patients improve their quality of life and better manage their cancer treatment and care.

Sexuality, Intimacy and Menopause Clinic

The Sexuality, Intimacy and Menopause clinic combines both medical and psychological interventions, to help women who experience sexual dysfunction after cancer. Sexual dysfunction after cancer is common; however, sexual side effects often go untreated after having successfully treated a patient’s cancer. Our doctors look to manage not only the physical issues, but also any psychological concerns that may arise.

Social Work

Licensed, experienced social workers are available to help you and your family cope with illness, discuss your concerns and connect you to a variety of hospital and community resources.

Spiritual Care

Professional Chaplains are available for emotional, spiritual, religious, and/or existential support for all patients, their loved ones, and staff – for those who are religious and those who are not.

Learn more about our Spiritual Care Services


The Survivorship Clinic at Yale Cancer Center is a dedicated, multidisciplinary resource that provides patients and their families with vital information on cancer prevention, wellness, supportive services, and the latest health research related to cancer survivorship.

YNHHS Navigation

The Yale New Haven Health System Navigation team is a team of trained public health professionals who help patients navigate the healthcare system, access community services, and provide health education.

Contact Us

Patient Referral Coordinators are available Monday through Friday at the Resource Center on the first floor of Smilow Cancer Hospital. If you would like to get in touch with a Patient Navigator to learn more about the supportive care offerings at Smilow Cancer Hospital, you may reach our team by phone at 203-200-4636 or email at [email protected].