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GME Trainee Profiles

Kevin Dougherty, M.D. Third year Internal Medicine

Kevin Dougherty, MD, 3rd Year, Internal Medicine

There's such collegial and open communication between interns, residents, faculty, attending and other departments here. Our program director is indescribably invested in our education and the administration makes the program livable, social and fun, yet still works us hard and provides an unparalleled education. That's what Yale New Haven Hospital is all about.

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Chidinma Chima-Okereke 2nd Year, Internal Medicine

I interviewed with many internal medicine residency programs, but what stood out to me at Yale New Haven was the people. After chatting with the program director and several residents, I knew I could fit in here. I was immediately embraced and made to feel comfortable – and they weren't just putting on a show, because since I've been here that hasn't changed.

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Mary Dimeceli, M.D. First year Anesthesiology

Mary Dimiceli, MD, 1st Year, Anesthesiology

The anesthesiology department and the faculty at Yale New Haven Hospital are phenomenal and they immediately made me feel at ease. It's an environment where I feel I can best grow as a professional and as a person.

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Andrew Goldsweig, M.D. Second year Internal Medicine

Andrew Goldsweig, MD, 2nd Year, Internal Medicine

My attendings provide me with tremendous autonomy. I always have their support to lean on, but as a resident I lead rounds. Together with my intern, I formulate each patient's plan of care. I admit each new patient. So I'm on the front line; I see everybody fresh. I like that autonomy, the opportunity to really practice independently as a resident.

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John Moriarty, M.D. Associate Program Director

John Moriarty, MD, Associate Program Director

I was a resident in internal medicine at Yale New Haven Hospital from 1995-1999, following graduation from the University of Maryland Medical School. I planned on staying for three years, but I'm still here. Life happens…in a good way.

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Megan Panico M.D. Third year Internal Medicine

Megan Panico, MD, 3rd Year, Internal Medicine

From the moment you come here, you feel a sense of history at Yale New Haven Hospital. You quickly understand all the important things that have happened here over the years, and you're excited about being a part of what's happening at Yale New Haven now.

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Patsy Park M.D., Dan Park M.D. Second year Pediatrics

Dan Park, MD, 2nd Year, Pediatrics

The pediatrics residency program director and the residents we met during the interview process convinced us that Yale New Haven Hospital was the right choice for us.

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Patsy Park M.D., Dan Park M.D. Second year Pediatrics

Patsy Park, MD, 2nd Year, Pediatrics

Yale New Haven Hospital was our number one choice for residency. The pediatrics program here is not too small of a program where you're always working with the same people, but at the same time it's not such a huge program where you don't know your colleagues both socially and professionally.

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