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CT Scanners

CT (Computed Tomography) uses a series of very thin X-rays and a sliding table to obtain multiple images. Patients will be asked to lie on a table that will slide into the CT scanner. Some CT scans require the use of contrast. Contrast is a medication that acts as a highlighter to show your organs or blood vessels in greater detail. 

Dual Energy CT Scanners

Yale New Haven Hospital also utilizes Dual Energy CT Scanners. These scanners offer a larger scanner opening, and superior quality scans. Same-day appointments are available with a physician order.

Weight-bearing CT Scanner

Our weight-bearing scanner is the first of its kind in Connecticut. This technology allows the technician to scan the patient standing unlike traditional scanners that require a patient to lie down. These images provide greater detail on the appearance of bone injuries and soft tissue in a natural position.

The scanner’s high-resolution provides clear 3D images that reveal subtle fractures that 2D images can’t detect. With the ability to scan ultra-thin sections, the software also allows for improved imaging of patients with metal from orthopedic hardware and joint prostheses. A referral from a physician is required for a CT scan.

Additional information

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