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Quality and Safety

How and Why We Measure Performance

Making sure patients receive safe, effective care is a continual process. We regularly monitor performance to see where we hit the mark and where we can improve. We gather and use data to make informed, timely decisions that translate to better patient safety and outcomes.

Score Cards

Each year, independent agencies release performance metrics for U.S. hospitals in categories such as patient satisfaction, quality and timeliness of care, patient safety and outcomes. On this site, you'll find the most up-to-date ratings for Yale New Haven Hospital, as well as how we compare to state and national averages.

Patient Safety

We want your hospital experience to be as safe, comfortable and pleasant as possible. Having and enforcing effective, standardized safety protocols and quality control measures helps us deliver consistently high quality, safe patient care.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

Patient- and family-centered care describes the way the healthcare team at Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital partners with patients and families to ensure that the best interest of patients is the foundation of our care.

We Are Improving Patient Safety

We have numerous measures in place to protect high-risk patients from slips & falls.