House Staff Handbook

Policies (2013-2014)

II.001 Accommodation of Disability
II.002 Administrative Leave
II.003 Duty Hours
II.004 Educational Reimbursement
II.005 Effects of Leave on Satisfying Criteria for Program Completion
II.006 Essential Abilities: Requirements for Appointment, Reappointment, Retention and Certification for Graduate Medical Education
II.007 Family and Medical Leave Act
II.008 Grievance
II.009 Off-site Electives
II.010 Ombuds Services
II.011 Personal Leave
II.012 Probation, Suspension or Dismissal
II.013 Professionalism/Standards of Appearance
II.014 Promotion
II.015 Purchase of iPads
II.016 Resident Assistance Program
II.017 Resident Compact
II.018 Resident Final Summative Evaluation
II.019 Resident Participation in Professional Activities outside Program (Moonlighting)
II.020 Resident Use of Prescriptive Authority
II.021 Sick Leave
II.022 Scrub Suits & Surgical Attire

For further information pertaining to the interpretation or operational aspects of any GME policy, please contact the Office of Graduate Medical Education at (203) 688-2272.

Policy Disclaimer

The policies included on this website are not legal documents. Every attempt has been made to accurately represent the policies and benefits programs. YNHMS and/or GMEC reserve the right to change, amend or terminate any of these policies and/or benefit plans at any time for any reason.